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Never before has it been more important to collect and measure data from online marketing activities, and never before has it been more challenging.
New rules to protect online users privacy are making it more difficult to collect valuable data for marketers, and the buyers expectations also have changed.

By using one platform for all online marketing activities, you can solve many of these challenges, and then measure all the important data.

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What GlobeCust can do for you

Manage campaigns

GlobeCust helps you define your goals and create effective activities. Keep your budgets in line, and get support to execute your marketing strategy.

E-mail campaigns

Create and send nice e-mails to all your contacts, including a link with tracking to landing page or shop.


See how your audience grow, and what marketing activities works best, Auto generated analytics and suggestions to reach your goals.

Powerful CRM

At the very heart is a system that connects all activities, to manage contacts lists, tasks, calendar and more.


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Per Month
Contacts1 500
E-mail campaignsUnlimited


Per Month
Contacts7 500
E-mail campaignsUnlimited


Per Month
Contacts25 000
E-mail campaignsUnlimited